This month at camp…

Boardwalks, new bridges, chicken coops and new chicks!

This spring we worked with our wonderful Americorps NCCC team to develop a second Group Challenge field over on our Day Camp property.  The cleared creeks and built a great bridge below our Stormwater Retention Wetland Basin.

We also acquired a new (to us) chicken coop for our Environmental Center garden. This will help us transition our new chicks into the big wide world before they meet our older chickens.  Our Teacher Naturalists  have hopefully made it fox proof.  We have 6 baby foxes living in the mulch pile so the coop will have to be very strong! See their video on our wildlife camera

Also – thanks again to our NCCC team who worked hard with our property folks to replace and widen our boardwalk through the wetlands to the campfire site.  It is almost completed. This upgrade will allow us to get wheelchairs or the golf cart through to both the campfire site and the group challenge field.