About the Outdoor School

Everyone Has Great Things to Say…

Campfires are Great Fun!

“...One other activity I enjoyed was the camp fire. It was so creative and a great experience. When I told my parents about the skits, they giggled. I would like to say that the campfire was a wonderful time for me and my friends to laugh and smile together...” Read entire letter from Nitzannah (Squirrelly)

Teaching Confidence…

“…I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. Also the games I most enjoyed were the rock wall, because I love to climb and it was scary but then I realized that there's no way I could get hurt so I just went for it, also it proved to me that a little encouragement can go a long way…” Read Avalon’s entire letter

An All-Around Memorable Experience.

“…I am so glad that you put together the Outdoor School. It is positively wonderful! I am so happy that I came and I want to thank you for everything. I had the time of my life! I wish you all the best!” Read Grace’s entire letter

You Guys Rock!

“While I was at camp I enjoyed many things such as creek crawling and Gaga! I have never done anything like them. Now back to my topic. I also enjoyed the “woodland creatures”. I really liked the skinny bony looking one! The honor log was awesome. The idea of keeping a cabin clean and getting a reward is so cool. I should do that at home. I was in Hemlock (Quinn!) so I won the first night…” Read entire letter from Lauren

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