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Camp Director: Karyn Bonner
Assistant Camp Director: Joshua Davis

The Camp Director is responsible for the entire camp operation, and checks in with the schools during most meals.

Camp Director Karyn Bonner and Assistant Camp Director Joshua Davis live on site and coordinatine every programming aspect of the school trip. They are responsible for the scheduling of all activities plus the use of the Teacher Naturalist staff. Either Karyn or Joshua will meet, orientate and organize each school group upon arrival. A post-trip meeting will also be conducted with a Director or Assistant Director on the last day of the experience. Any programming questions or concerns prior to or during the trip should be directed to Karyn or Joshua. Constant communication between school personnel and Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director ensures a fluid, productive trip. One of the two is on active duty each evening.

Contact Karyn by e-mail at karyn@campmanagement.org
Contact Joshua by e-mail at josh@campmanagement.org

There are several other full-time and seasonal employees that will come in contact with students and school personnel during the Outdoor School Experience. School staff will be dealing with the following personnel on a more frequent basis:

Teacher Naturalists/Instructors

Each season The Outdoor School in Horsham (OSH) hires 5 residential teaching staff to lead small instructional groups through environmental activities and group challenges. These staff members are chosen for their ability to instruct students in an outdoor setting, combining a sense of learning and fun. These staff members are not “counselors” but fully functioning outdoor school instructors. The teacher naturalists will lead most of the program activities with students. We ask that students refer to these staff members as “instructors”. Read about this year’s Teacher Naturalists on our Facebook page… go to the OSH Facebook page >>

Getting in Touch With Us

General questions, and requests that are not time-sensitive,
can be e-mailed to us at camps@campmanagement.com

U. S. Mail

Outdoor School in Horsham, 600 Witmer Road, Horsham, PA 19044


Office: 215-542-7974
Fax: 215-542-7457

Staff E-Mails

Rob Kutzik, Executive Director
Karyn Bonner, Camp Director
Joshua Davis, Assistant Camp Director
Dave Gallagher, Property Manager
Jan Finnegan, Director of Development
Sharon Weiman, Financial Administrative Assistant
Becky Clewell Gallagher, Executive Assistant
Rachealle Davis, Administrative Assistant

Our Animals Teach, Too!

Read about some of our resident animals, and how they add to our educational components. Go >>

600 Witmer Road, Horsham Pennsylvania 19044  Phone: 215-542-797 camps@campmanagement.org

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