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Sample Lessons:

Sleeping Cabins
You might get dirty!

During each experience at The Outdoor School in Horsham, we strive to complement the school science curriculum, offering experiential-based lessons that enhance students’ abilities to understand the topics being presented. We understand the pressures put upon schools to cover curriculum materials, and work with school staff to ensure that goals are met and that students value the information they receive. Also, an attempt is made to reflect our feelings about people’s relationship to—and their effect on—the environment. Our ultimate goal is for students to develop an awareness of the environment that will lead to an understanding of natural balances, thereby shaping a positive environmental ethic to guide their future behaviors.

Lessons and Daytime Activities

Choosing Lessons

School personnel may choose to lead an activity from our Activities Manual or bring one from school or other resources. The camp staff can either lead an activity from the list, or will design an activity to suit the school curriculum needs.

We Provide All Lesson Materials, Supplies and Equipment

The Outdoor School in Horsham provides all hardware, materials and equipment for any lessons derived from our Activities Manual. All you need to bring are your students’ paper, pens and other note-taking material.

Ropes/Challenge Activities

OSH has two Low Ropes Courses and a large Group Challenge Course. These activities are designed to encourage leadership, communication skills and social development within a student group. Although many of the challenges are physical by nature, students of all abilities can actively participate in almost all activities. The use of the course can be geared towards addressing themes pertinent to the school, such as cooperation, bullying, inclusion, and much more.

Group Challenge Course:

Most schools choose to have students participate in the group challenge course during the first afternoon of the experience. Dependent upon the size of the group, school personnel may be required to assist with leading some of the activities. An orientation to these activities will be given to school staff once they arrive at camp.

Low Ropes Course:

The Low Ropes Course is an excellent follow-up to the Group Challenge Course. This facility requires more careful supervision and more concentration on behalf of the students. The camp offers use of this facility to all schools. Should school personnel be required to assist with supervision on the course, a training session will be provided by the camp staff.

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