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Sleeping Cabins
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The property owned by The College Settlement was farmland before it began offering summer programs in 1922. Since then, the suburbs have grown up around it. College Settlement is an island within suburbia, representing the rural area that once surrounded it. In the fall of 1973, an Outdoor School was started to provide facilities, leadership and program direction for residential environmental education experience for schools and groups.

With over 235 acres, there is plenty of area to explore. Use of the more distant parts of the property for programming is encouraged! Of the 235 acres, approximately 100 are mowed and provide adequate open space. Over 90 acres are wooded and about 40 acres are farmed. 20 acres of this farmland is leased by CSC to Pennypack Farm (an organic Community Sponsored Agriculture farming facility that we coordinate programs with), a three-acre lake, wetlands and a variety of small streams provide opportunity for aquatic study.

Living Quarters

Lodges with two open rooms, each sleeping eight to twelve students, a bathroom and shower area shared by all members of that lodge, and a combination kitchen/staff sleeping area. All lodges are winterized and have hot and cold running water, heating systems, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms and locking doors.


Davies Hall is a modern, winterized dining area and kitchen that can accommodate up to 147 people (main room) and a total of 187 people (when also using the screened porch). Healthy, family style meals are served at round tables. This building is a multi-purpose facility and is often used for evening programs or in the event of inclement weather; it even has a working fireplace. The main hall is equipped with a large movie screen, sound system and DVD projector.

For information about dietary restrictions, see Special Needs below.

Other Buildings

The Environmental Center (EC)

The E.C. is a one-room building used as a resource center and group meeting place. It houses equipment for lesson activities, bird observation area, and small animal collection. Schools can also use this building for their evening programs. The EC can accommodate 50 students.


We have several covered structures that can be used for lessons and activities. Several of our pavilions can hold over 150 students.


Camp Director: Karyn Bonner
Assistant Camp Director: Joshua Davis

The Camp Director is responsible for the entire camp operation, and checks in with the schools during most meals.

Camp Director Karyn Bonner and Assistant Director Joshua Davis live on site, coordinating every programming aspect of the school trip. They are responsible for the scheduling of all activities plus the use of the Teacher Naturalist staff. Either Karyn or Joshua will meet, orientate and organize each school group upon arrival. A post-trip meeting will also be conducted with one or both of the Camp Directors on the last day of the experience. Any programming questions or concerns prior to or during the trip should be directed to Karyn or Joshua. Constant communication between school personnel and Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director ensures a fluid, productive trip. One of the two is on active duty each evening.

There are several other full-time and seasonal employees that will come in contact with students and school personnel during the Outdoor School Experience. School staff will be dealing with the following personnel on a more frequent basis:

Teacher Naturalists/Instructors

Each season The Outdoor School in Horsham (OS) hires 5 residential teaching staff to lead small instructional groups through environmental activities and group challenges. These staff members are chosen for their ability to instruct students in an outdoor setting, combining a sense of learning and fun. These staff members are not “counselors” but fully functioning outdoor school instructors. The teacher naturalists will lead most of the program activities with students. We ask that students refer to these staff members as “instructors”. Read about this year’s Teacher Naturalists Outdoor School FaceBook page… go to OSH Facebook page >>

Special Needs

Dietary Restrictions

Prior to your class’s visit, you can discuss all necessary food allergy and dietary restriction information with one of our Camp Directors. Simply call the camp office at 215-542-7974 and we will arrange a time to speak with you about your students dietary needs.


See Health Provider information below.

Sleeping Cabins

Special Mobility Needs

The facilities at The Outdoor School in Horsham are handicap accessible, with assists such as ramps and railings; we also have an all-terrain wheelchairclick to view photos.


Staff Reputation and Reliability

Outdoor School program staff are all background checked seasonally. Parents can feel secure sending their children to our program. Children are never left alone; campers are always in the presence of a staff member and/or school teacher. Students needing to leave the larger group (bathroom, water fountain etc.) will always be accompanied by a fellow student.

Security ID tags

Outdoor School program staff are required to wear ID tags at all times. Any outside contractor is also required to either wear identification or be escorted by a OS staff member. To assist us with security, we ask that parents coordinate all visits with their school teacher.

Two-way Radios

Two radios are provided to school staff for use during their stay. All camp program staff carry these radios, which are monitored by the Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director 24 hours a day.

Health Provider

We strongly advise all schools to bring a school nurse with them for the entire duration of the experience. The Outdoor School will provide secure, lockable storage for medications. We also recommend that ALL participants under the age of 18 have a parent/legal guardian consent form plus an accurate medical history sheet at OS during their stay.

Evening Security

Cabins can be locked to prevent access from the outside. All cabin doors have panic bars ensuring that the building can always be exited through that door. The cabins are located in the heart of the facility, past several staff residences. Suspicious activity and unrecognized vehicles will be investigated by Outdoor School staff. The Horsham Police Department makes regular inspections of the facility and assists in monitoring any suspicious activity.

600 Witmer Road, Horsham Pennsylvania 19044  Phone: 215-542-797

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